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Andru Knitwear

Up here on Hadrian’s Wall the winters are long and sunny days in short supply most years but having lived here for 48 years it’s still a magical place, and with a 2000 year old icon on your back doorstep how could it not be?

For the past 38 years I’ve been running my knitwear business which has seen many changes over those years. My first ever show was after only six months and in New York of all places and I almost folded that first year, being so naïve in business and totally ignorant of export rules and regulations.

I did survive though and by the late 80’s I was exporting to Japanese as well as American high end department stores. The early 90’s though brought in my first recession and again I teetered on the brink of disaster but somehow managed to rescue the business albeit in a much scaled down version and that’s more or less how it’s remained to this day, small collections of original handmade designs, mainly knitted but some fabric too, mainly natural fibres but some man made and I still have some of the original outworkers that worked with me back when I started in 1982, helping me.

My “shop front” is mainly direct selling at fairs throughout the UK (see page 3 for details and dates of this year’s fairs). I enjoy the one on one contact with my customers, many of whom have become good friends, and look forward to meeting up each year. I love it when they tell me how good they feel wearing my outfits and being able to offer bespoke is a plus too.

I’m still wanting to find original yarns and still endeavouring to come up with new designs each year and for the foreseeable future that’s exactly what I will be doing.

Please take a look at some of the designs on the following page and maybe I’ll hope to see you at one of the fairs soon.

Best Wishes,

Most of us are in “lockdown” at the moment which is causing anxiety and stress.

I HOPE my business can survive (after all, I’ve already survived several recessions) but should it not for whatever reason I want to thank you all for your support, friendship and encouragement over the past 38 years.

Let us hope we meet again somewhere down the road and that we emerge stronger – and wiser.